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Ava's Summer/ Fall 2022 Litter!

Scroll through the circle pictures below:

Diamond Summer 2022 Ava x Watcher Puppy  Photo Collages.png

Summer 2022

Ava x Watcher

6 beautiful red and red/apricot with abstract pups!

~4 GIRLS & 2 BOYS~

BORN: 8/10/2022

PUPPY PICK DAY(s): ~ 7 weeks


PUPPY TAKE HOME DAY(s): ~ 8-9 weeks

(10/7 - 10/16/2022)


Puppies from this litter were $2,200 ~

Price Includes: Puppy, AKC LIMITED registration and ReUnite Microchip Lifetime membership PAID for by us, 6 lb bag of food, 30 Days of Pet Insurance, 2 year health guarantee

(see contract for details), toy/blanket, harness, leash, and other goodies. 

*Rebates available when you complete AKC titles such as STAR Puppy training, Canine Good Citizen, Trick Dog titles, etc.  Details in Contract. (Up to $200 in the puppy's first 3 years of life.)

Puppy Pick Order:

~Application approval with Deposit received determines the order in which you will pick your puppy. 

11/8/2022- Only 1 breeding prospect female available (Full AKC rights to an approved breeding program, NO DOODLES)


1) Female- Breeder's Choice* DIAMOND- Available for the right breeding program, see AVAILABLE page for details, $4,000 

2) Female- RESERVED- BINGSU- VA, Future Service Dog

3) Female- RESERVED, Pearl- NC, Service Dog in training

4) Female- RESERVED- Ruby Lynn- Local Fuquay Varina, NC Family


1) Male-TOPAZ- RESERVED for Family in PA, Therapy Dog Prospect

2) Male- Sterling- RESERVED for Family in Fuquay Varina, NC

~We will go in the order in which is listed below to review which puppies you will choose from. 

~We do temperament testing around 6-7 weeks old to help you to choose the best fit for your family and our puppies.  We take into consideration what you want in a puppy (active, less active, therapy/ service prospect, projected to be smaller/ larger, lighter/darker, and of course gender), and combine that with the results from our observations and testing to help guide you to the best options that you will choose from.  The earlier you put in your application and send a deposit, the earlier that you get to choose and are most likely to find your best fit puppy.

*Deposits are $500 to secure your puppy in this litter. This deposit is applied to the total price of the puppy, leaving a balance of $1,700.  On Puppy Match/ Pick Day $700 is due to reserve YOUR specific puppy.  On Puppy Adoption Day the remaining balance of $1,000 is due.

~Deposits are only accepted if your application has been approved.

~Deposits ARE REFUNDABLE once an approved family is found to take your place, or if together we determine that a puppy from this litter is not suited to your family.

**Breeder reserves the right to first pick of any litter, whether for themselves or for another approved breeding / show home.

#DerbyFamilyPoodle Ava Bear little.png

Ava's Summer/ Fall
2022 Litter

This may be Ava's last litter, or she may have 1 more.  Research shows that having back to back litters and not skipping a heat cycle is ultimately healthier for breeding dogs.  We will determine whether or not she has another litter once Ava is back in shape after this one. :-)

***Future litters are ALWAYS dependent upon Ava's (mental and physical) health first and foremost.  We will have updated testing, as well as get veterinary approval for future litters.  After her Spring 2021 litter she bounced back so quickly that she was ready to go out and run within a few days.  Of course we limited her running initially to ensure she healed well. ;-) She also lovingly nursed her puppies (by her choice) through around 6-7 weeks old (along with their weaning onto puppy mush and food).

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