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Frequently Asked Questions:

This page is under construction.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have after reading the FAQ.


  • Current price: Our current puppy price will be listed on the Puppies! page.  The price of the puppies is the same regardless of gender or color.  All puppies are valued the same for limited AKC Registration.

  • Why might the price change from 1 litter to the next?  We health test our momma dog, and some fees that we are charged fluctuate.  Also, currently we do not have our own stud and must pay a fee to use a health tested stud.  The rates for the stud may fluctuate as well.

  • Once you place a deposit your puppy price will not change for the current litter.


  • A $500 refundable* deposit is required to reserve a place for our puppy litter.

  • The $500 deposit is required to hold your PUPPY PICK place for your gender preference and temperament placement.  Puppy picks are done in the order that deposits are received.  We recommend placing a deposit early to get an early pick.

  • Once the Puppy Pick days have taken place and together we have chosen the best puppy for you, an additional deposit of $700* is required.

    • The reason for this additional deposit is that we will no longer advertise or allow others to have the option for your specific puppy.  This secures your puppy of choice for only you.​

  • *Refund policy on deposit(s):  If at anytime prior to Puppy Take Home Day (8-9 weeks) you decide that you can no longer purchase one of our puppies, please let us know.  We do not want a puppy to go to your home if you cannot or do not want the puppy.  We will refund your deposit(s) as soon as an approved family places a deposit in your place.​

We want a PUPPY!

  • I want a Derby Family Poodle puppy.  What is my next step?

  • Please complete an Application on Google Forms <Derby Family Poodle Application>

  • Reach out to let us know you completed a form and to ask any questions:

  • We will respond to set up a time to "meet" (online preferably through Zoom or Google Meet), so that we can go over your application and answer any questions that you may have.  If the puppies have been born we will show them off during our meeting.

  • If your application has been approved we require a $500 deposit (refundable) to reserve your place to pick your puppy.  The earlier that your application is received, approved, and a deposit is accepted, the higher up in the puppy picks/ matching you will be.

AKC Registration

  • Our puppies come with LIMTED AKC Registration.  All puppies will be registered beginning with "Derby Family " at the beginning of their registered name.  You will choose the rest of their registration name and let us know the day that you pick your puppy up.  We pay for the registration fee and complete the paperwork for you by the time the puppies are 9 weeks old.  If a puppy is purchased after the age of 9 weeks, then we have the right to choose the AKC registered name.  What you call the puppy is your choice, no matter what the registered name is.  :-)

  • What is Limited Registration?  Per the AKC website: "A dog registered with an AKC Limited Registration shall be ineligible to be entered in a breed competition in a licensed or member dog show. It is eligible, however, to be entered in any other licensed or member event. These events include: Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking, Field Trials, Hunting Tests, Herding, Lure Coursing, Earthdog, Fast Cat, CAT, Scentwork, Junior Showmanship, Trick Dog and CGC."  Essentially you may not breed your Limited Registration Dog (or register any puppies), nor can you compete in breed specific shows such as Conformation (AKC) classes.  You can participate in most all other events, and will have a record of your dog's pedigree as well as other AKC benefits.

What is included with the price of the puppy?

  • Puppy price includes your puppy, Limited AKC Registration and AKC ReUnite Microchip Lifetime Membership (both fees already paid for by us), a bag of food (a few weeks worth), 30 days AKC Pet Insurance,  a complimentary first veterinary office visit (through AKC if your vet participates), 2 year health guarantee*, lifetime support from us, a private Facebook group for Derby Family Poodle owners, a bunch of goodies for your trip home, and more.

  • We also will at anytime take back one of our puppies if you can no longer care for the puppy/dog.  Our puppies are forever our family, even when joining your family. We are here for you and your puppy.

*See our contract for details.

Do you offer training or older adult dogs that are already trained?

  • We do not have any older dogs at this time.  In the rare event that a Derby Family Poodle puppy (or adult dog) comes back to us we will post this information here and on our Facebook page (  We would look for an approved and well-suited home for the puppy/ dog.

  • Depending on the time of the year we may be able to offer training at our home for your puppy.  If you are interested in our options, please inquire.

  • See our page about How Puppies Are Raised for information about what you can expect from your puppy when they leave us at 8 - 9 weeks old. (*Most puppies will be well started on potty and crate training, as well as started on basic manners such as sitting and not jumping up. We say most because each puppy is an individual and will develop at their own pace.)

What forms of payment do you offer?

  • GoodDog now offers payments with 2 options for puppy buyers. See their site for more information: 

    • "Buyers now have a choice to pay a small fee to receive protection and support, which includes access to our new Puppy Training Program ($235 value). Or, buyers can choose to pay with zero fees."

  • Cash is always welcome. :-)

  • Venmo is also available for initial deposits.

  • Yes, we will provide you with a receipt for all payment forms.

  • Final payment is only taken as cash on pick up day, unless otherwise agreed upon and paid for 5 days prior to pick up day.

When should Standard Poodles be spayed/ neutered?

  • Derby Family Poodle's Limited Registration contract states that we RECOMMEND spaying your female around 12-15 months of age, but REQUIRE spaying by 18 months.  For males we RECOMMEND neutering your male around 18 months, but REQUIRE neutering by 24 months.

    • *We are flexible for spaying/ neutering earlier if determined to be best for your puppy, your family and agreed to by your veterinarian.  **Please contact us soon after your puppy has been spayed or neutered so that we can mark this complete on your contract.

    • ***NO breeding is allowed for Limited Registration puppies, as stated in your contract In purchasing one of our puppies you agree NOT to allow your puppy/dog to breed on purpose OR by accident.  YOU are responsible to manage your intact dog so that accidents do not happen.  If you cannot guarantee to protect this from happening, please discuss earlier spaying or neutering with your veterinarian as this is the safest and most responsible decision for your puppy in this situation.  Our contract states that if your dog (male or female) has puppies (on purpose or on accident) that you will pay us an additional fee of $5,000 for each litter that occurs.  We will enforce this by going to court, fees paid for by you, if necessary as we do not agree to  unapproved breeding.

Click the following for research that I have found:

  • Research about Spaying and Neutering dogs by University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, United States 

    • Table 1 from above site shows a breakdown by breed and gender

    • Specific Standard Poodle information from the study:  Poodle, Standard  The study population was 47 intact males, 88 neutered males, 53 intact females, and 87 spayed females for a total sample of 275 cases. The AKC registers the Toy and Miniature, along with the Standard Poodle, as all being Poodles. However, because of differences in size, the varieties of Poodles are dealt with separately here. There was a 2 percent occurrence of joint disorders in both intact males and females. In males neutered at <6 mo., there was a non-significant increase to 8 percent, and in spayed females, there was no occurrence of joint disorders. The occurrences of cancers in intact males and females were 4 and 2 percent, respectively. In males neutered at 1 year of age, the occurrence of one or more cancers rose to a significant 27 percent (p <0.01), all due to the increased risk of LSA. In females, there was no significant increase in cancers with spaying. There was a 4 percent occurrence of MC, and a 2 percent occurrence of PYO in the females left intact. Just one female spayed beyond 2 years later developed UI. The suggested guideline for males, based on the occurrence of one or more cancers with neutering at 1 year, is to delay neutering until 2 years of age. Lacking a noticeable occurrence of increased joint disorders or cancers in neutered females, those wishing to neuter should decide on the appropriate age.

  • Thoughts by Dr. Kristina Baltutis (from 7/2020) based on current Research

    • Dr. Kristina is a reproductive medicine enthusiast with an okapi obsession. She lives in Burlington, NC with her dogs, cats, chinchilla, and spouse.

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