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Puppy Essentials for Pups and Parents

*We have researched and/or used each product that we list and fully support them.  If for some reason you don't see what you are looking for, please let us know.  We are happy to help you research for a product or information to suite you and your pup's needs.  We have many breeder friends and groups that we can reach out to if we don't have the answers.  Even if you aren't getting your pup through us we would be happy to help you if we can.

*Please note that although we may get an affiliate commission through some of the links, there is no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.
Thank you for helping support our  program so that we can continue to grow through research and education.

AviDog University for Pup Parents: 97 Ways to Create Great Puppies!   

*Birth - 16 weeks tips for helping your pup continue their great start in this world.

Link is to a free resource for Puppy Parents.  "The experiences you provide your puppy in the first 16 weeks of its life will greatly influence the adult dog it will become. During this period you literally have the ability to grown your pup's brain in both size and complexity, making your pup smarter, healthier and more confident."
First Essentials:
Heading 6
  • Crate-  Most of our puppies will need a 36-42" crate.  A lot of crates come with a divider to use when your puppy is smaller.  I HIGHLY recommend getting a 42" metal crate with a divider.  This way you will only need to purchase 1 crate for your puppy's lifetime.  Metal crates are preferred over soft or solid hard sided crates.

  • Collar-  We will provide you with a collar when you pick up your puppy, however this is a BREAKAWAY safety collar.  This collar is NOT recommended to walk your puppy with.  This collar is meant to release when the collar is pulled on, so that if they get hung up on something like another pup's mouth or their crate, the pup won't choke. 

    • Most of the puppies will use a 12-14" collar when you pick them up.  Ava currently has a 16" neck when she is groomed  short.   A lot of poodle owners like to use a Martingale Collar.  I have always just used a regular collar.

  • Harness-  We will provide a harness when you pick your puppy up if the puppy is under 16 weeks old.  I recommend a harness as you are traveling and first getting to know your puppy and adjusting to walking with you.  Puppies can be Houdini and escape out of their collar.  The harness helps to prevent an escape.

  • Leash-   I recommend a 6'padded handled leash with 2 handles.  **I will post a link soon and explain more soon.

  • Food & Water Dishes-  If you are traveling a long distance, or staying overnight I recommend bringing another dish as well. 

    • We use collapsible bowls when we travel or go out and about to events.  Ava carries hers right on her harness for convenience.

      • Metal bowls are preferred.  Please don't skimp on this.  Get good quality stainless steel "food grade" dishes.  While your puppy is small you can use smaller dishes, or go ahead and start off with a __ cup bowl for food and __ cup for water.

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