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Who are the PUPPIES?


Snoop found his forever home in Virginia with a loving and adventurous family.  He has hiking and canoeing in his future.  Have fun buddy!  Snoopy is a FAN FAVORITE.  He is loved by all with his fun and happy personality.  Snoopy enjoys hopping around and having fun with his siblings, people, and even by himself.  He likes playing with balls and chasing them.  Snoopy enjoys sitting/ laying in our lap and getting brushed.  He stands well on table for grooming too, for his age.  Snoop Dog is a good snuggle partner and climbs right in our lap for naps.  This boy should be around 23" and 42lbs full grown.

SNOOPY 5 weeks.png


Forrest went to live with his forever family in Charlotte, NC.  It was a tough decision but this guy won the family over.  We can't wait to follow along with his new family.  He has 2 boys, 2 cats, a mom and dad to love him!  Forrest is a cute middle of the road apricot boy.  He is in the middle of litter for energy, drive, and weight/size.  Don't miss out on this sweet boy who enjoys alone time with his people snuggling, playing and sleeping in their arms.


Charlie Adopted

Charlie- What an amazing puppy! The family that adopted Charlie in December couldn't keep him due to personal reasons.  Their loss is YOUR gain.  Charlie still has a lot of potential as a future SERVICE DOG.  We will continue training him and exposing him to public places so that he transitions well into a service dog training program.  We are proud to have this guy serve and help in his future.

Charlie attended the local Fuquay Varina Parade for 3 hours and did fantastic!  More information on his individual page (updating soon).

My service dog pick.  If I wanted a solid all-around good service dog prospect, Charlie is hands down the one.  He is solidly built (biggest in the litter now), and solid temperament.  Not much bothers this guy, and he enjoys a good cuddle too!

charlie love_edited.jpg


*Update-  BELLA has been adopted by local friends.  She will live her life being active with her 2 big kid brothers and 1 furry brother.  Bella is looking forward to a lot of snuggles with her new Momma!  Boo is our littlest pup!  This little girl is petite but powerful.  She loves to play, run and jump with her siblings.  Boo also enjoys snuggles with her people and with her siblings, once she has had a good long play time.  Boo should be smaller like her father, around 21-22" and likely 40 - 42 lbs when full grown.

BOO 9 weeks square background.png


Cinnamon (Lola) went to her forever home here in NC.  She joined her family with 2 young kids, and 2 dachshund siblings.  Cinnamon will be training to be a therapy dog to help patients in medical settings.  We are so thankful for Lola's new family and wish them all the best.



Oakley  is the sweetest boy who enjoys following us along and sleeping all stretched out.  He's doing great at house training.  One day we'd like to see him be a service or therapy dog in training.  Out of all the pups in this litter he rides the best in the car.  Will you travel with him?



Rusty went to his forever home this week.  We know he will have a wonderful forever home with this loving family of 4 out by the NC coast.  They're Bills fans and a Softball family just like us. *At 16 weeks Rusty sits well on command, upon entering the house, being greeted, and for attention. He walks on a leash in our home, and in the back and front yard for the bathroom.  We have not practiced out publicly yet as we were waiting for his final vaccinations to be set.  *He does well sleeping in his crate at night (10pm - 6am), for naps, and when we leave the house (for 3 hours).  *Rusty is Ryan's favorite boy since Rusty was just born.  He is the first born and almost 100% solid red.  Rusty is a middle of the road guy, calm and yet playful.  He enjoys laying on Ryan at night while they watch TV together.  Will you be his TV buddy?  This boy should be 24" and around 44-48lbs full grown.


Autumn- girl 

*Autumn went to live with  a family right here in NC!  Her new name is Layla Rose.  Miss Autumn loves to explore.  She is looking for someone to take her on adventures and maybe hike, jog, or just go on walks (once she's had all vaccinations).  Autumn would enjoy an active family or person to call her own and play fetch with.  Autumn will likely be around 45lbs and 24" at the shoulder,  more like her mom's size.

Autumn 7 weeks squared.png


*Update- Pumpkin went to his forever home on 11/11.  Pumpkin will live his best life with a local family.  They have chickens, a pig, and a pond for Pumpkin to enjoy swimming in with his big brother!  Pumpkin even has 2 kids to call his own.  Enjoy your new family buddy. 



*Update- MAPLE went to his forever home 11/11!  He has a bigger furry sister and they get along well.  Maple will have a great life with his family enjoying traveling and walking in their wooded acreage.



Spice went home to NJ with her new mom.  She joins a family of dogs and is sure to be spoiled by her new mom.  Spice's mom is familiar to us at Derby Family Poodle.  She enjoyed her first pup from us so much she came back for a new little girl.  Morgan says Maria always chooses the cutest and sweetest pups!



Cider went to live his best life with his new momma in NC.  These 2 were made for each other.  She will spoil him and she will be his everything.   He is a cute little guy who has turned into a snugglebug.  Cider enjoys snuggling up under our chin, or on our shoulder.

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