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Hide and Seek

AVA ~AKC Standard Poodle

Forest City's Avalanche of Derby Family

Ava is our #1 pup (yes, she's 4 years old and forever our pup!).  She has a natural therapeutic nature and is task trained as a service dog. Ava, as most Standard Poodles, has been easily trained since a pup.  She is athletic and enjoys running and performing Agility tasks, but is also comfortable just relaxing and snuggling.  As of 8/2022 Ava has had 3 litters (25 pups) and has been a wonderful and loving mother.

  • Size: ~44lbs & 24.75"

  • Color: Cream abstract

  • Genetic Color Traits: ee, KBKB, ayay, DD, NN, Bb, NN, Ssp (carries for Parti), mm (no merle)

  • CHIC Certified, OFA

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Ava cute bandana Bass Lake.jpg
Ava birth through 10 weeks collage.png
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